BitcoinBourse - Price and Exchange

Find and compare different Bitcoin Exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin at best price.

  • Charts by Market

    On the Bitcoin Bourse rate of bitcoin is created by people on free market principles: supply vs. demand. The exchange rate is not influenced or manipulated by bots or money exchangers. Price is the result of the free will of the people and not the management and the need to fulfill their wallet at all costs. Bitcoin Bourse is led by the community and its needs, not management!

  • Secure

    Bitcoin Bourse stores your bitcoins offline! We will never allow possibility to steal your bitcoins from your accounts by hackers. Each transaction requires 2-factor authentification, confirmation or verification to be 100% sure, that there is not anybody affecting your actions or act like you.

  • Human Shield

    Technology is nice, but we would like to protect you and your bitcoins from the bad guys the best as possible. We believe in old school! All bitcoin withdrawals from your account have to be verified by you! All bitcoin withdrawal transactions are processed and controlled by a man power. All transactions among members are person to person and not handled by machines.

  • SEPA Bank transfers

    Bitcoin Bourse is an European based system, which is available in each of the 28 EU countries. In the Euro zone you can easily sell or buy bitcoins with SEPA transfers between trading partners. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

  • In Person Trading

    On the Bitcoin Bourse you can buy and sell bitcoins to person, which lives close to you! It is very simple! You can create or find open offer from other users living near to you. If your need meets with other user, simple buy or sell your bitcoins. On a map you can find existing offers near to your location.

  • ZERO Fees

    On Bitcoin Bourse you can trade unlimited bitcoins and how often you like! Bitcoin Bourse charges ZERO fees for buy and sell via SEPA transfers or local in person trading.